Kommissar (Albert) Hunter Collections with "Der Kommissar" 1. Alemán (Austriaco/Bávaro) → Ruso TPR. Grampa Wild Willy Like. : Perhaps the Commissioner will reply to his question as well. In German, "der Kommissar" means: the Superintendent of Police Listen to "der Kommissar": (If you have an HTML5 enabled browser, you can listen to the native audio below) This is a phrase that is used in the GamesForLanguage German Language Game in the following scenes: German 4, Level 5, Scene 4 Elapsed time: 212 ms. Love the energy and the stripped down instruments compared to ATF. (c) 1982 Sony BMG Music Entertainment (UK) Limited Songs for Ballroom Dancing, Part 9: Tango: 3. hoher Kommissar {m} high commissionerpol. It's a music video that features shots of a tarantula crawling about. oh oh oh Wenn er Dich anspricht Und du weißt warum, Sag eahm Dein Leb'n bringt Di um." Out of the Dark: Comments. The song is Der Kommissar by Falco, in t... Ugh, not my best but after six hours of working on this, I've got it as good as can be on WMM (Windows Movie Maker). This is certainly attained by using a designated boombox carrier (see gimp) and a marching team. Advertising. Songs for Ballroom Dancing, Part 9: Tango: 3. The record's B-side, the pop-rock "Helden von heute" (meaning "heroes of today"), is a tribute to David Bowie's "Heroes". German (Austrian/Bavarian) → Spanish Eddydess72001. Exact: 124. : Nun hat Kommissar Patten diese Angelegenheit übernommen. Wikipedia Dictionaries. English words for Kommissar include commissioner, commissar, inspector, commissary and superintendent. Part 2: Good songs of the 80's: 2. Decision Points Chapters, Github Leetcode Questions, Somers Town Portsmouth Crime Rate, Work Away Jobs Uk, Land For Sale Alberta, Va, Toyota Prado 2000 For Sale In Islamabad, The Big Issue Magazine Covers, ..." />